The Picture of the Week started as something to fill the blog, back when I didn't really have much in the way of regular content. Which is to say, I didn't have ANY regular content. I had galleries, and a blog that occasionally updated. As something to do I started digging through my photo archives (over 25,000 raw files at the time) for photos that didn't really fit anywhere else. They weren't specific events or locations, they were just photos that sort of existed on their own. 

Over time it morphed into one of my main features on the site, a twice a week perpetually expanding photo gallery featuring anything and everything I happened to come across in my archives. The only rule for a photo to be a POW is that it has to catch my eye.

Some of them are shots I'd be happy hanging on a wall. Others are failed shots. Maybe they're just out of focus, or the lighting is bad. Maybe the animal didn't look in the right direction. Maybe I messed up any of the myriad of details behind the photo. Whatever the case, they're shots that would otherwise be relegated to the "unused" folder (or the recycle bin). But something led to me taking those photos, whether it was an impulse or a genuine attempt that I just bungled hopelessly.

And this is what POW is. It's photos that are good enough to be in a gallery, but that just don't fit. Maybe even photos that fit a gallery, but just aren't quite good enough. Some of them are photos that, given the chance, I would redo. Sometimes slightly, other times entirely. And some photos are borderline embarrassing.

POW will cease when I drop dead. In the mean time, enjoy the most disjointed, random, and occasionally confusing, but never boring, collections I've ever put together.