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For the first time in ever, I'll be attending Otafest! The Bunch of Artists crew will be running booth #114 and I'll have a corner or a wall or something set-up with a selection of my stuff. I am also seriously considering bringing a couple fantasy prints out of retirement for this show, since this is likely going to be my only kick at Otafest. So come on down, May 18 - 20 (I'll be there on Friday and Saturday ONLY) and grab some loot from A Bunch of Artists (And Me).

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EDM2017: Dawn of the First Day

Wooh! Weekend number two, day number one of the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo! Can't wait to get it ON! Come on down, Booth #F04 in Hall E. I've got all my goodies hauled straight from Saskatoon (I mean not really, but pretty close, no way in hell was I unloading them on a Tuesday and loading them on a Thursday) plus a refresh with some new stuff, and the usual bit of stuff you'll only get at this con.

So come on down! Bring your coin, Khajit has wares!

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SASK2017: Dawn of the Final Day

Day one is down, day two begins! And you know what that means: come buy my things! I'll maybe have some deals going today so that I can have a bit less to pack at the end of the day. Also, I need gas money to get back home. And then straight to Edmonton. And also I like to eat.

So come on down, Booth #1221! I've got lots of cool stuff waiting for a cool person to take it home and make their home a bit cooler.

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SASK2017: Dawn of the First Day

Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo begins! Year four, locked, loaded, and ready to SELL PRINTS! So if you're in Saskatoon come on down to Booth #1221 and BUY MAH THEENGS! And if you're NOT in Saskatoon... why not? It's Expo weekend, it's not that long a drive from *insert your location here*! Many good things on display for the discerning purchaser! Prints! Postcards! Frames! Bookmarks! Attitude!

Maybe even... RADitude?

No... no just attitude. This isn't the 90s.

...or is it?





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