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I Sell Photos Now

Got something new I'm starting up for the new website design, but I figured why not, let's unleash this a bit early. After a successful trial run offline, I'm moving it online: framed photography!

A lot of this website is dedicated to photography. Most of it, actually. So it seems weird that the majority of my sales are from the digital side. Well, now we're levelling the playing field. Maybe you want a photo. Maybe you want it framed. Maybe you have a lot of money and don't want as much any more. Well, you're in luck.

I'll be adding new photos as current ones sell through, so check back now and then to see what I currently have available. And if there are any photos on the site that you like the look of, well, you're also in luck. Whether you're interested in one of my picks, or a pick of your own,  head on over to the Contact Me page and get in touch. We can figure out what works, and how to get the photos from my wall to yours.

Click through to see what I have currently available. The proper page will go live with the site changeover, which should happen in the coming weeks.

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Gallery Updates

I've been busy behind the scenes working on... like twelve projects. Today. One of them is updating the photo galleries. As I've been focusing heavily on the digital side these past few months, and getting things settled for the rest of the year, the photo side of my work has fallen by the wayside a bit.

The galleries weren't regularly updated, what was there was essentially just "here's a gallery, enjoy" without the finer touches.

Well, I'm fixing that. Finally spurred on by switching over to Capture One from Lightroom (never looking back), I'm going through my entire photo library and redoing them. From scratch. It's making me approach things from an entirely different viewpoint, as some of these photos are now two or three years old.

The galleries are also updating. There's a larger focus on curated images now, ensuring that each gallery is more cohesive and has a better flow through the images. Which, hopefully, will make it more enjoyable for you find folks to browse the galleries. I'll also be regularly updating them, though for the most part the Picture of the Week feature will be the primary avenue for new photos outside of specific subjects.

In the mean time, enjoy what's up. It's a process in progress. The Calgary Flood, American Battlefields, and Architecture galleries have all been updated, with others to follow in the coming week or so.

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