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A Halloween Chain Saw Massacre

It's Halloween! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Christmas for freaks! And nothing says "Happy Halloween" like a dude that cuts you up with a chain saw and wears your face as his face while he cuts up other people with chain saws. It's a vicious cycle.

Happy Halloween everyone!

I'm gonna go eat candy until I puke rainbows.

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Happy Halloween!

Ah it's Halloween! This year I've got something new and (I think) rather cool for you folks: a set of posters for George Romero's "Dead" series that I started whipping up whilst booth-ing at the Edmonton Expo this past September. Started with the first three, then added on Land because I actually quite like that movie.

I doubt there will be a Diary or Survival poster because, well... they're not as good. Yeah.

I'm hoping to get these printed as full size movie poster sized posters, which should be pretty cool. In the mean time, enjoy them in their mini digital form.

And happy Halloween! CANDY!

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