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Pfft, not even. You're lucky I write up most of this stuff before hand, because right now I'm basically capable of making the noises the Graboids make when they're pissed at Burt Gummer.

But anyway, another convention down.

I won't be hitting another one for a whopping 50ish days! So until then, keep watching the skies, keep eating some fries, and keep refreshing my page because those hits is sweet sweet sweet.

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EDM2016: Day 2 is Done-diddly-did

That is most definitely a thing that it is.

To all you folks that swung by the the booth and acquired loots, my thanks to you. You made today one of my MOST SUCCESSFUL DAYS EVER, and my most successful day in Edmonton by far.

That seems like cause for celebration! 


Hahaha, just kidding, I'll sleep when I'm dead. 

For YOU fine folks though, I've got some deals for the last of the convention.  Buy two magnets, get one. Buy any print that is ALSO a magnet, and you get that magnet. Spend $40 or more, you get a magnet.

Basically, magnets.

So if you've got nothing else to do tomorrow, swing by booth F04 and BUY MAH STUFF!

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EDM2016: So Long Choose Your Type!

It's finally happened. After a solid year and a bit run, the Choose Your Type cards have officially come to the end of their run. As of Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo 2016, I have completely run out of Fire Type cards. And with that, once the con winds down tomorrow, it'll be the last time these cards appear. So if you want one of the remaining three, tomorrow will be your LAST CHANCE EVER to get one.

But don't worry, I've got something new. Not only new, it's SO much cooler. Just wait. Next year at Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2017, I've got something special planned.

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EDM2016: End of Day 1

Survived another day one!

So here's the deal folks: I have only got eight (count em, EIGHT) Fire Type Pokemon cards left. Once these cards are gone, the Pokemon cards will be retired. No more. So if you want some Choose Your Type cards, come on down and get them while you can.

I also have some deals for you. All twenty Star Wars prints are $50. All for Romero zombie movie posters are $40. 

For now though, I sleep.

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EDM2016: Roll Like a Roll Like a Roll like a Rolling Convention Artist


Saskatoon was awesome as per the usual. Now the question is, will Edmonton pull out all the stops? Last year was a decent enough run, but there's room to climb ever higher. Just look a my display. TO THE ROOF! TO THE HEAVENS! TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!


I got old stuff! I got new stuff! I got stuff only you guys are going to have a crack at! You guys get a special deal: all 6 magnets for half price! 6 magnets, $15. You figuratively cannot go wrong with that purchase.

And as always, if you spend $50 or more, you get a free magnet. Wow your friends! Amaze your family! Decorate metallic onlookers!

So come on down tomorrow bright and early(ish, actually you have plenty of time to sleep in) and check out my stuff, and everyone elses stuff, and as always, BUY MAH STUFF!

I am so tired LET'S DO THIS

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Convention Schedule 2016!

I'm officially registered for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo 2016 from April 28 to May 1, the Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo on September 17 and 18, and the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo on September 23 to 25.

I'm also seriously checking out a couple expos, both local and far flung, so stay tuned for that.

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