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CEHM2016: Day 2 DOOOOOOWN! First CEHM is le fin!

Day two! I totally forgot to write comments up so this is placeholder until I do! GO ME!

But then I did write something! So yay! Two days down and this was one hell of a solid ending to the year. Overall the year was noticeably slower than previous ones, which seemed to be the consensus with a lot of my fellow con goers. So to end on a positive note is very positive indeed.

Heading into next year, my focus will be changing based on this year's shows. My inventory has shrunk dramatically, with half a dozen prints retiring permanently and another dozen or so going on hiatus until I can revamp them in higher resolutions.

In their place, a tighter selection. Only a couple dozen instead of ALL THE PRINTS. My 8 x 14 prints are being burned through at $5 a pop until they're all gone or I've had enough of them. A bunch of them will reappear in larger sizes down the road. In the mean time, I'm putting a focus on the framed prints. Each show I'll aim to have about a dozen 11 x 17 framed prints. Some will be repeats, others will be new to each show, and some will be one offs I only do... well, once.

I'll still maintain inventory of most stuff, but in smaller quantities than before. 

Bring on 2017. Four cons lined up, hopefully a fifth and sixth (stay tuned for that). And who knows what else.


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CEHM2016: Deals and Christmas Type Deals! (Also: Hardware is my favorite)

Hey folks! If you're looking for some nerdy type goodies, come on down to the BMO Center this weekend for the Calgary Expo Holiday Market's first show!

Lots of awesome artists and vendors are going to be there! 

Also have some new, slightly more fancy things for those of you looking for something a little more epic for your nerdy loved ones. Things involving frames. I've got a few in total, and that's it. Once they're gone, they're gone. What are they? You'll just have to come by and see for yourself.

In the mean time, got some deals for you: spend $50 or more and you get a magnet. Buy 3 magnets, get the 4th for free.

BUT! This is the cool thing: I'm having a bit of a competition. Here's how it works: I have a list of Christmas movies that I actually like. Given my natural disposition to dislike Christmas, these are some pretty special movies.

If you come on down to my booth #1115 and list off any three movies from my list, you get $5 off a purchase. That's means a big print will only cost you $10! A little print will cost you $5! YOU COULD GET A FREE MAGNET JUST BY NAMING SOME MOVIES!

So without further ado, here's the list:

1. Die Hard
2. Hardware
3. Badder Santa (NOT Bad Santa, you'll need to be specific on this one.)
4. Christmas Vacation
5. Scrooged
6. Gremlins
7. Home Alone

Name three of these movies and A WINNER IS YOU! You only get one shot though, so make sure it's a good one.

For everyone else who doesn't feel like remembering the movies I watch, you can still find some cool stuff. Booth #115! BUY MAH SHIT!

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CEHM2016: Felix Navi--HEY LISTEN

Looking for a last minute Christmas gift type thing? Well relax, you still have a month. But if you're looking for something a little closer to now, come on down to the BMO Center on the 19 - 20 for the first (hopefully annual!) Calgary Expo Holiday Market. Whole bunch of great vendors and artists selling their wares.

Including me.

Got some deals for you fine folks as always. Spend $50 or more, get a magnet. I also figured what the hell, it's Christmas: buy 3 magnets, get a 4th for free.

But I've got something else planned to. It's a bit more interactive. I'll be posting that one in a week, just before the weekend, so stay tuned for that. In the mean time, Feliz NaviHEYLISTEN

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Show Announcements: 1 New Show in 2016, 1 New Show in 2017!

No New Art Monday today. Why? Two reasons.

First off: I'm coming up on two conventions in a short time period, so my focus is on those. But don't worry, I always put together four or five new designs at each con, so I'll have plenty of new stuff come October.

Secondly: The big news! I've signed up for the Calgary Annual Horror Con 2017! Year one as a vendor for me was so awesome I had to go for another round! Hopefully I can become a regular fixture there.

I've ALSO signed up for the first ever Calgary Expo Holiday Market! Need something special (and nerdy) for that nerdy (and special) person in your life? Come on down to the Big Four and acquire some wares!

Details after the jump, or check out the show listing on the side of the main page. Booth numbers to come later on.

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