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CEHM2016: Day 2 DOOOOOOWN! First CEHM is le fin!

Day two! I totally forgot to write comments up so this is placeholder until I do! GO ME!

But then I did write something! So yay! Two days down and this was one hell of a solid ending to the year. Overall the year was noticeably slower than previous ones, which seemed to be the consensus with a lot of my fellow con goers. So to end on a positive note is very positive indeed.

Heading into next year, my focus will be changing based on this year's shows. My inventory has shrunk dramatically, with half a dozen prints retiring permanently and another dozen or so going on hiatus until I can revamp them in higher resolutions.

In their place, a tighter selection. Only a couple dozen instead of ALL THE PRINTS. My 8 x 14 prints are being burned through at $5 a pop until they're all gone or I've had enough of them. A bunch of them will reappear in larger sizes down the road. In the mean time, I'm putting a focus on the framed prints. Each show I'll aim to have about a dozen 11 x 17 framed prints. Some will be repeats, others will be new to each show, and some will be one offs I only do... well, once.

I'll still maintain inventory of most stuff, but in smaller quantities than before. 

Bring on 2017. Four cons lined up, hopefully a fifth and sixth (stay tuned for that). And who knows what else.


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NAM: Halloween Creature Feature

Something special for Halloween. This one will be the first in a series, of all the classic Universal Monsters. Frankenstein! Wolf Man! Dracula! The Invisible Man (it'll just be a blank page and I'll charge $15 for it!)! The Phantom! The Mummy! They'll be coming out bit by bit as I work on them here and there, but I hope to have the full set available for next year's Calgary Horror Convention.

In the mean time, Happy Halloween! Eat your weight in candy, throw it up, then eat it again!

Not the same candy, I mean. Your weight in candy, again.

Or both, whatever, I'm not the boss of you.

Happy Halloween!

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Weekends at the Fortress of Solitude

When the rest of the Justice League is out working, things can get a little... bachelory. Not that they'd ever really hang out. I mean one of them is basically an immortal space god, and the other is a guy who's superpower is "has money and guns." He's basically if Iron Man were a little less "superhero" and a little more "solve problems by shooting in face."

Meanwhile the Suicide Squad is sitting at the Denny's complaining about how they never get invited to hang out. But what exactly are their superpowers anyway? Gun? Baseball bat? Alcoholic Australian?

Wait a minute, this gives me an idea...

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You're Gonna Need Lots of Bigger Boats

Something I put together while manning my booth at the Horror Con. The first in a series of, at present, six posters I've put together. They'll start trickling out over the next few weeks as I put finishing touches on things. 

The next one is one of my favourite horror/comedy/creature features ever. Want a hin--IT'S TREMORS! THE NEXT ONE IS TREMORS!

...and then Starship Troopers.

You have to wait to find out what the rest are though!

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CCEE2016: Exclusives! (Updated)

Voice actor Nolan North will be appearing at CCEE 2016 this year, and I've got a couple prints made up just for the occasion. Troy Baker unfortunately cancelled, so the set doesn't really work as well anymore, but whatever! Get Nolan North to sign BOTH! It's the ultimate meta modern videogaming joke! Or something! (This is why I never do guest centric stuff). I'll only have these for Calgary, and in limited numbers, so grab 'em while they're around and get 'em signed by one of the two guys responsible for basically every male voice in videogames. 

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NAM: A Messed Up Kind of Romance

It seemed appropriate to put this one up a day early, given the day and all. Just in time for Suicide Squad which, if you haven't seen the trailer yet, looks like the best thing ever. 

In the mean time, go see Deadpool. I know I am. I'm probably there right now, watching it with my date. Isn't that right Hand? Hi five!

Buy my stuff.

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NAM: Fett 'fitti

I was messing around with something else and ended up putting this together while messing around with the other thing. That other thing probably isn't going to happen, but this one turned out not bad. 

I'm thinking I'm going to revisit this style for the Vader and Stormtrooper ones again, and I have a rather cool idea for some Sith stuff. In the mean time, Fett. 

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Happy Halloween!

Ah it's Halloween! This year I've got something new and (I think) rather cool for you folks: a set of posters for George Romero's "Dead" series that I started whipping up whilst booth-ing at the Edmonton Expo this past September. Started with the first three, then added on Land because I actually quite like that movie.

I doubt there will be a Diary or Survival poster because, well... they're not as good. Yeah.

I'm hoping to get these printed as full size movie poster sized posters, which should be pretty cool. In the mean time, enjoy them in their mini digital form.

And happy Halloween! CANDY!

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