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DDCE2017: Dawn of the First Day

The first day of a brand new con! Come on down and celebrate DINOSAURS! I am... just so tired it's kind of remarkable that I'm able to actually do anything besides sit there and drool. I mean, there's a good chance if you come by my table that is actually what I'll be doing. But I'll at least try my hardest to give you a little of my trademark "not pep" to encourage you to acquire loots of my own creation.

I've restocked after the double whammy of Saskatoon and Edmonton, so I've got a little bit of (almost) everything. A few prints have sold out, so there will be no more small Imperial Navy or Fallout prints, and no more 11 x 17 Mountains of Madness and Jaws posters. The 11 x 17 posters WILL be restocked later on though, so don't worry.

I've still got a few copies of small Mountains of Madness, as well as a few complete sets of the small Star Wars recruitment posters, which is the only way to get the complete set now. Once they're gone, they're gone, and you won't be able to get all ten posters again. Artificial scarcity!

I've also got a limited number of The Thing posters left, so grab one while I've got them, or it might be Vancouver before you can get another copy.

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ECEE2017: Mah Booths

Come on down, booth #F04. I've got lots of loot left. One Assassin's Creed frame left, a couple Reboot (still have my 24 x 36 poster), a couple Fallouts, and a bunch of Star Wars. Also have sets of six horror movie slashers in print form, for $50. That's eight dollars a print! So come on down, give me money.

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EDM2017: Dawn of the First Day

Wooh! Weekend number two, day number one of the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo! Can't wait to get it ON! Come on down, Booth #F04 in Hall E. I've got all my goodies hauled straight from Saskatoon (I mean not really, but pretty close, no way in hell was I unloading them on a Tuesday and loading them on a Thursday) plus a refresh with some new stuff, and the usual bit of stuff you'll only get at this con.

So come on down! Bring your coin, Khajit has wares!

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SASK2017: Dawn of the Final Day

Day one is down, day two begins! And you know what that means: come buy my things! I'll maybe have some deals going today so that I can have a bit less to pack at the end of the day. Also, I need gas money to get back home. And then straight to Edmonton. And also I like to eat.

So come on down, Booth #1221! I've got lots of cool stuff waiting for a cool person to take it home and make their home a bit cooler.

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SASK2017: Dawn of the First Day

Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo begins! Year four, locked, loaded, and ready to SELL PRINTS! So if you're in Saskatoon come on down to Booth #1221 and BUY MAH THEENGS! And if you're NOT in Saskatoon... why not? It's Expo weekend, it's not that long a drive from *insert your location here*! Many good things on display for the discerning purchaser! Prints! Postcards! Frames! Bookmarks! Attitude!

Maybe even... RADitude?

No... no just attitude. This isn't the 90s.

...or is it?





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MEDHAT2017: Dawn of the First Day

Day one (also day only) of the Medicine Hat Fan Expo! My first year attending this one, should be interesting to see how it goes. I've got all my usual goodies, plus some new stuff. We're talking literally dozens of frames, all the post cards, all the prints, and some new 35 mm film bookmarks, for people that like novelisations of movies. Or vice versa. Or books based on movies based on books.

So come on down, check out my stuff. Give me some money. I need gas money to get back to town when all is said and done.

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