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Convention Calendar Updated

What is up folks and folkettes, my convention calendar for 2018 has been updated to its most current state. Five confirmed shows and several tentative and pending (will be listed soon ish). Probably not going to beat last year's dirty dozen run, but maybe... maybe...

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I Know I'm Human...

A new poster for the gallery! John Carpenter's sciifi horror classic The Thing, a yearly Halloween staple and one of the best horror movies of its kind. There are movies with atmosphere, and there are movies with amazing gore and special effects, and there are movies with amazing acting. But this one crammed them all together in a claustrophobic, paranoia infested Antarctic hell. It's a film that stands the test of time, and will undoubtedly continue to do so for decades to come.

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I Fight For the User

New trilogy for you, something a little retro-esque but also new-esque. Trooooooon! How amazing is Tron? So amazing. How amazing is Tron: Legacy? SO AMAZING. So enjoy the first of three discs, User.

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Changes! Just In Time For 2018

2017 is coming to a close, and I'm taking a much needed break. No more posts (they're all scheduled), no more shows (they're all done), no more work for the last few weeks of the year. I broke 10,000 kilometres (10,700 in total) in the course of hitting a dozen shows across BC, Alberta, Saskatoon, and Manitoba. Slept in half a dozen hotels and hostels, and three gas station parking lots. Crossed four provinces. I sleep now.

It also means that with 2018 right around the corner, there are some changes coming down the internet tubes. Namely a shift in focus. While the ol' blog here has been serving me well for the past few years, it's time for an update. Starting in January the blog will be going away (kind of), and the focus will be shifting to social media. Content will still hit the site of course, but it will be a more structured, or if you prefer "curated," approach. 

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will be the new wild west. Everything will hit there, then if I like it enough it will bounce to the website. And as always, conventions get first look at anything new. The blog will be replaced with a social hub, where content posted to Instagram will appear as it is posted. So pretty much the same as things are now. Really the only major thing affected will be Picture of the Week. Which will be affected A LOT. 

How "a lot" you ask? Well, think of it as a sort of reboot. It's been over two and a half years since POW#0001 hit the site. In that time I've tweaked pretty much all of them, completely redone some of them, and utterly replaced a few of them. Some of them I haven't actually really looked at in ages, and most of them have descriptions and spiels that probably haven't actually been seen. Like ever.

So, I'm starting at POW#0001 and unleashing them on the world! Again! The last few of 2017 will go live, hitting a satisfying #250. At which point they'll take a break for a week or so, then they'll be moving from Wed/Sat to Mon/Wed/Sat (with digital stuff falling pretty much whenever I happen to put something together) and starting from scratch. I'm looking forward to revisiting the POW archives and unleashing them on a whole new audience. It will also allow me to shift my focus onto some other major projects I want to tackle.

What other projects, you ask? Well, a few months down the road I will be doing what I like to call "I Don't Have A Name For It Yet" where every month I'll be featuring a different gallery subject in greater detail. At present the galleries are snapshots of subjects that interest me, featuring a small selection of photos. With IDHANFIT the gallery will feature all sorts of stuff. Photos I think are my best, photos that aren't but that interest me, alternate angles and takes, and shots I wouldn't otherwise post, mixed in with assorted thoughts and musings. Fun fact: Did you know I have about 7000 photos of jousts, knights, and medieval fights and faires? Yeah, there's some cool stuff in there to show off.

So every month you can swing by, load up the featured gallery, and check out an array of old, new, and interesting shots. No matter where you follow me, there'll be something new for you to see. 2018 is all about FILLING YOUR EYEBALLS WITH PICTURES AND IMAGES and so long as there's internet there's no stopping me!

Also check out my finally functioning store! You can buy things even when I'm not strung out on caffeine! Wait... you can buy things whenever you want now even when I'm not in a booth!

In the mean time, enjoy your assorted Holidays!


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A Halloween Chain Saw Massacre

It's Halloween! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Christmas for freaks! And nothing says "Happy Halloween" like a dude that cuts you up with a chain saw and wears your face as his face while he cuts up other people with chain saws. It's a vicious cycle.

Happy Halloween everyone!

I'm gonna go eat candy until I puke rainbows.

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EDM2017: Dawn of the First Day

Wooh! Weekend number two, day number one of the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo! Can't wait to get it ON! Come on down, Booth #F04 in Hall E. I've got all my goodies hauled straight from Saskatoon (I mean not really, but pretty close, no way in hell was I unloading them on a Tuesday and loading them on a Thursday) plus a refresh with some new stuff, and the usual bit of stuff you'll only get at this con.

So come on down! Bring your coin, Khajit has wares!

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SASK2017: Dawn of the Final Day

Day one is down, day two begins! And you know what that means: come buy my things! I'll maybe have some deals going today so that I can have a bit less to pack at the end of the day. Also, I need gas money to get back home. And then straight to Edmonton. And also I like to eat.

So come on down, Booth #1221! I've got lots of cool stuff waiting for a cool person to take it home and make their home a bit cooler.

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SASK2017: Dawn of the First Day

Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo begins! Year four, locked, loaded, and ready to SELL PRINTS! So if you're in Saskatoon come on down to Booth #1221 and BUY MAH THEENGS! And if you're NOT in Saskatoon... why not? It's Expo weekend, it's not that long a drive from *insert your location here*! Many good things on display for the discerning purchaser! Prints! Postcards! Frames! Bookmarks! Attitude!

Maybe even... RADitude?

No... no just attitude. This isn't the 90s.

...or is it?





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MEDHAT2017: Dawn of the First Day

Day one (also day only) of the Medicine Hat Fan Expo! My first year attending this one, should be interesting to see how it goes. I've got all my usual goodies, plus some new stuff. We're talking literally dozens of frames, all the post cards, all the prints, and some new 35 mm film bookmarks, for people that like novelisations of movies. Or vice versa. Or books based on movies based on books.

So come on down, check out my stuff. Give me some money. I need gas money to get back to town when all is said and done.

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