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CEHM2016: Day 2 DOOOOOOWN! First CEHM is le fin!

Day two! I totally forgot to write comments up so this is placeholder until I do! GO ME!

But then I did write something! So yay! Two days down and this was one hell of a solid ending to the year. Overall the year was noticeably slower than previous ones, which seemed to be the consensus with a lot of my fellow con goers. So to end on a positive note is very positive indeed.

Heading into next year, my focus will be changing based on this year's shows. My inventory has shrunk dramatically, with half a dozen prints retiring permanently and another dozen or so going on hiatus until I can revamp them in higher resolutions.

In their place, a tighter selection. Only a couple dozen instead of ALL THE PRINTS. My 8 x 14 prints are being burned through at $5 a pop until they're all gone or I've had enough of them. A bunch of them will reappear in larger sizes down the road. In the mean time, I'm putting a focus on the framed prints. Each show I'll aim to have about a dozen 11 x 17 framed prints. Some will be repeats, others will be new to each show, and some will be one offs I only do... well, once.

I'll still maintain inventory of most stuff, but in smaller quantities than before. 

Bring on 2017. Four cons lined up, hopefully a fifth and sixth (stay tuned for that). And who knows what else.