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News: The return of NAM and other stuff

On October 17th, New Art Mondays will be returning! Got a bunch of stuff lined up for you fine folks, so that's pretty awesome.

Also working behind the scenes on some maintenance type stuff. What type of type stuff? Well, there has been a lot of change in how I do things. The website started as essentially a digital resume. I had galleries of stuff, and you could email me, but that was about it.

But now? Now there's a bit of everything. Weekly posts, news, updates, digital stuff, conventions, the whole measure. So I'm doing some work behind the scenes to bring things more in line with how things are now. Instead of generic (or no) info on things, there will actually be stuff. Galleries will be tweaked slightly. Some links will change. Some stuff will go away, and new stuff will appear.

If you're been to the /digitals page recently you'll see things are already shifting. More of that. New versions of some designs are also appearing (yes, I'm pulling a George Lucas) because, well, I like the new versions of things better. Sometimes when I design something new I stumble across a design I want to apply to old versions. It's part of the process I stumble my way through.

There will also be a heavier focus (particularly in NAM) on writing and drawing. Not just the digital stuff I usually do, but a sort of minimalisty type humour thing I've got going. You'll see, it'll make sense when they start to appear. Or not. Who knows.

But anyway, onward and upward as they say. And maybe I'll see you in November at the Holiday Market.