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EDM2016: Roll Like a Roll Like a Roll like a Rolling Convention Artist


Saskatoon was awesome as per the usual. Now the question is, will Edmonton pull out all the stops? Last year was a decent enough run, but there's room to climb ever higher. Just look a my display. TO THE ROOF! TO THE HEAVENS! TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!


I got old stuff! I got new stuff! I got stuff only you guys are going to have a crack at! You guys get a special deal: all 6 magnets for half price! 6 magnets, $15. You figuratively cannot go wrong with that purchase.

And as always, if you spend $50 or more, you get a free magnet. Wow your friends! Amaze your family! Decorate metallic onlookers!

So come on down tomorrow bright and early(ish, actually you have plenty of time to sleep in) and check out my stuff, and everyone elses stuff, and as always, BUY MAH STUFF!

I am so tired LET'S DO THIS