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Last day of the CCEE 2015!

Kind of bittersweet this one. On the one hand, it'll be SIX MONTHS before I make my next con appearance. On the other hand, I have a bed and a freshly installed copy of GTAV waiting for me at home that hasn't seem much of me this past weekend, and I think it's about time that changes.

If you haven't been down to the expo yet, come on down (if you have passes, that is). If you have been, swing by my booth at U 05 in the BMO centre and say hi, maybe buy some stuff. And if you're come down to the expo, visited my booth, AND said hi and/or bought stuff, come on down anyway and say hi again. Also, everything's $5 for most of the day. Sunday deals! Buy things!

In the mean time, site'll be quiet for a few days, and then big changes are coming. Like, major changes. Changes that will shake the foundations of time and space.

(It's actually mostly just a site tweak and some new regular content)

Good day to you.