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Back from Baltimore, ready for Market

Got back into town Sunday afternoon from my week in Baltimore. Finally set foot on Gettysburg (and Antietam, a nice bonus). Got some decent pictures of the trip, but not as many as some excursions. More a "go and see" and less a "go and shoot." Still, I'll have some new stuff to display this coming weekend at Market Collective.

Not much new in the way of stuff for sale yet though, mostly my usual inventory. This one's more of a chance for people to check out what I can have for them, less give me monies straight up for things. A promotional show, if you will.

Still, if you find yourself with some free time this weekend and happen to be downtown, swing by Eau Claire. Maybe you'll find something interesting to take home. And maybe it will be something of mine. And you can give me monies for it. Yes. This.