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Welcome to the New Look


As 2019 approaches with the unrelenting force of an out of control unrelenting force, I felt that now was a good time to put together the finishing touches of my major redesign. The site is a bit different, the logos are a bit different, and the content and focus is a bit different. But for the most part, the stuff that’s always been there is still there, and most of it will continue in some form as stuff continues to evolve.

Some stuff, like the old blog or Picture of the Week, have changed in focus so much over the past year that they were no longer relevant in their form, so they’ve gone away. The blog will have a different focus, and POW is now a daily update on Instagram, so be sure to check that out.

2019 will see a shift in focus, from design to photography. Digital art will still be an outlet of mine, but it will give way a bit to the good old picture. The site’s been rejigged with that focus in mine, with a greater emphasis on photos and less on digital. That shift in focus is going to extend to my convention schedule as well, as I shift away from pop culture conventions and focus more on markets and art shows.

I’ve also got a couple big projects in the works that I’m looking forward to digging into in the new year, so keep tuned to my social medias for the most up to date info on everything (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram x 3).

So welcome to 2019. It smells like waffles.