Changes! / by Paul Keely

More changes! Big changes! If you visited me at CCEE this year you may have noticed I had some new stuff. I'm talking banners and the like. Well, that's sort of the direction I'm shifting. I did the "sleek and modern" look for a while and you know what? Meh. I'm bored of it. Time for a change. The major changeover of the look was the precursor to that. Getting the technical ducks in a row so that when I start doing new stuff, it doesn't drive me insane. 

I mean, it will still drive me insane because let's face it, I insist on redoing everything every time to ensure it's just right. But I digress.

So stay tuned. You can already see some things happening. Check out that snazzy new Digital of the Week, or Weekly Digital, or whatever I end up settling on calling it, off to the side there. That'll be changing every week. You can totally click it to go to its page and check it out bigger. Also buy it. If you want to.

If you want to.

You want to.

Want to buy it.


But yeah, lots more content type content coming. That whole Cinematastica thing I started but kinda stalled on? That's coming full on. Which means you're going to be positively bombarded with... me.

Photos, digitals, blogs, every week. Basically it's like having me as a bad roommate who won't move out. Until you buy my things.

So keep on coming around, I want to try and get things moving so much there's always something new to check out.