New Projects! / by Paul Keely

Also my previous pug post was one of my highest hitting posts ever, so HAVE ANOTHER ONE!

But yeah, I've got some cool new projects in the works. One of them I can't talk about just yet. But the others? If you've ever checked out my fantasy steampunk work, and thought "Hey this is kind of cool but it almost seems like it was originally created at a lower resolution" well guess what, you're right.

Starting whenever I happen to get around to it (but no, actually real soon) I'm going to be rebuilding them completely. From scratch. In higher res, with more detail and all sorts of new goodies. Not only that, I'm making new ones to go with them. And maybe some other cool stuff.

So stay tuned! On top of these, the secret project AND a whole bunch more movie posters are coming your way.

Also probably some more pugs because PUGS = DEM SWEET SWEET HITS