Brooks Medieval Faire & Jousting Tournament 2016 / by Paul Keely

90+ photos from the 2016 Brooks Medieval Faire and International Jousting Tournament for all to see! Behold! Verily! For real though, next year: full costume.

Probably the best year so far, though a big part of that is thanks to being an "official" part of the crew this year. I am friends with jousters, how cool is that?! My output has increased dramatically over the three years I've been doing it. Something like 1500 raw shots the first year, 2300 the second, and 2600 this year. Pictures!

There are around 100ish in this gallery, which will remain full sized for a time before being pruned significantly and merged with the other Brooks gallery. In the mean time, the photos will remain available for any knights/squires/Brooks folks/etc.

Standard usage applies: If you are a knight, squire, or otherwise medieval sort in one of the photos, it's free for you to use for non-commercial purposes.