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Picture of the Week #100: HALLOWEEEEEEEN!

POW #100!

I honestly thought I'd have been eaten by squirrels by this point, but here we are! 100 pictures of the week (even though I do two a week now but whatever) in and it's still going strong. That's a LOT of weeks! The first POW was June 3rd of LAST YEAR!

A lot has gone down in that year(ish). I went from three conventions a year to five. I went from around 12 prints to around 40. And I've slowly but surely clawed out my little corner of the internet, with the help of you fine folks. So tell your friends! Because I can always use more of those sweet, sweet hits.

Not only that, my #100 just happens to fall on October 1st! The start of the best month ever! The leaves are turning, the pumpkins are revealing themselves, and I can watch ALL the horror movies and no one can stop me!

Happy Hundred and Happy Halloween everybody!