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Photographer. Digital artist. Writer. A bunch of other stuff.

One thing he is not is a person that can write a good artist bio. Won't you join him on this journey of discovery?

Dabbling in just about every creative medium (with the exception of music, after the sole attempt resulted in "the walrus incident" of which we shall never again speak, and painting, because he doesn't enjoy cleaning paint brushes) he enjoys creating... whatever. No subject is the sole focus, no topic the only one. His style is ever changing, matching his evolving processes as he seeks out that perfect aesthetic that will allow him to finally stop having to create new presets.

A veteran of the broadcast industry, he set out on his own to create his own work and spent nearly a decade as a regular on the Western Canada comic convention circuit. Traveling from Alberta to British Columbia to Saskatchewan to Manitoba, he has tallied over 25,000 kilometers (and counting) and taken almost as many pictures of every stop in between.

He also enjoys movies, particularly bad ones.


"Calgary Expo Artbook 2018: Back to the Adventures in Time"
Apr 27, 2018, The Calgary Expo - Digital Painting, Select Pages

"Calgary Expo Artbook 2017: Fairy Tales and Classic Monsters"
Apr 26, 2017, The Calgary Expo - Digital Painting, Select Pages

"Lonesome Winter"
2011, Self Published, Photography Collection

“Prairie Gothic: Images of Southern Alberta”
2011, Self Published, Photography Collection


Faulty Signal, 2019 (Upcoming), The Calgary Public Library, Solo Photo Exhibition

A Knight’s Tale, 2018, The Calgary Public Library, Solo Photo Exhibition


Nuclear Driver, 2019, Short, Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor
The Wings
, 2019, Animated Short, Co-Director/Animator/Editor
Nuclear Forest, 2018, Short, Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor
CTV Morning Live: Calgary, 2011 - 2014, TV Series, Graphic Designer (729 Episodes)
Water at the Door: The High River Flood, 2013, Documentary, Graphic Designer
Darrel Janz: A Life in the News, 2013, Documentary, Graphic Designer
Ignis Fatuus, 2012, Short, Cinematographer/Editor
The Subliminal Rabbit Presents: Live!, 2011, Short, Director/Cinematographer/Editor
Unveiling the Calgary Soldiers' Memorial, 2011, Short, Director/Cinematographer/Editor
We Found the Body: Live at The New Black, 2011, Short, Director/Cinematographer/Editor
The Subliminal Rabbit Presents: Behind the Scenes, 2011, Documentary Short, Director/Editor
The Subliminal Rabbit Presents, 2011, Short, Editor/Digital Effects
Blood Moon's Dance, 2010, Short, Director/Cinematographer/Editor
A Significantly Perilous Tale Which Involves Airships, 2010, Animated Short, Writer/Director/Animator
We Found the Body: Making the Album, 2009, Short, Director/Cinematographer/Editor
Green Careers in Supply Chain Management, 2009, Short, Graphic Designer
We Found the Body: Live & Unauthorized, 2008, Concert Film, Director/Cinematographer/Editor
Exit Strategy: United State of Amnesia - Spoils of War, 2008, Concert Film, Additional Editing/Graphic Design
Race for the Sun: The Solar Challenge, 2008, Documentary, Graphic Designer
TWO, 2006, Short, Writer/Director/Editor
Paper Plane, 2006, Short, Writer/Director