Well hello there, welcome to the About Me page.

I'm a digital artist and photographer. Sometimes-writer. Started with a humble corner of a shared table with about twenty other people. Then it was a shared table with five people. Now it's my own table. I am now a Level 6 Con Wizard. My fire resistance remains the same.

Occasionally I am witty.

Want to know what I use?

Photoshop CS3 and Elements 12 for some minor stuff. Anime Studio Pro. Clip Studio Paint Pro. Random scraps of paper and Copics.

Surface 3 (I finally upgraded a thing!) with a couple of pens with different tips because I am too lazy to switch them out regularly.

I shoot on a couple Canon Rebel T3i DSLRs with a few different lenses.

Photo: CCEE 2015

Photo: CCEE 2015